Onward and Upward!

On November 17th, 2012, Lynn Open Studios launched its first city-wide open studios event. This upcoming year we will begin planning in January, with monthly events leading up to Open Studios 2013. We will also participate in Open DTL, an annual arts event spearheaded by Seth Albaum, owner of LynnHappens.com. The date for Open DTL has been already set for Saturday June 22nd. Mark your calendars now, and contact Seth via LynnHappens to register!

Thank you to all of the participants and visitors who ventured in and around Lynn for our first run. A special thank you to Kirsten Bassion who started the Lydia Pinkham Open Studios seven years ago, Seth Albaum and Mary Chalmers at City Hall for all of their hard work helping to promote the event, to the Lynn Museum and Historical Society for partnering with Open Studios and acting as a fiscal sponsor for the event, to EXTRAS for Creative Reuse, the Lynn Museum and Survival by Design for being downtown group locations, to LHAND for their sponsorship, and to all of our supporters who helped lift this thing off the ground in short notice!

We look forward to 2013 and all of the positive changes that will occur for the visual arts in the Arts and Cultural District, including but not limited to: new artist live work space at 33 Central (contact Nest Forward for more info,) the branding and marketing strategy spearheaded by EDIC, Martha Almy and Kate Luchini for the Arts and Cultural District, the finishing of the LynnArts mural, the continued work of RAW Art Works and Brendan Creighton to bring more public art to the downtown, the growth of the OPEN DTL arts festival, the continued work of the city to work towards a larger mass of artist studio space, and the continued work and successes of the Lynn Open Studios’ artists, businesses and organizations!

Onward and upward!